Basic course

This course suits people with very little experience with a sailing boat.

The course is co-ordinated by Lorenzo Paccagnan, Instructor of the Federazione Italiana Vela and Expert Sailor of the Lega Navale Italiana, it is related to the basic sailing techniques:

equipment and rig, close haulet, close reach, beam reach, broad reach, down wind, to luff and bearing away, tack and gybe, the main knots, true and apparent wind, man out board, reef the main sail, mooring and unmoor.

We offer two options: spend the night on board (max 6 people) or just come for the day and arrange your own accommodation for the night.

The course usually takes place at the weekend but it can be arranged to any other day of the week subject to 4 people attending.

Option 1
4 Lessons (theory and practical skills) Boarding: 11.00 at Marina Santelena, Venice Work finish: 17.00 at Marina Sentinel, Venice Availability: A minimum of 4 participants is requi...
Option 2
4 Lessons (theory and practical skills) across 2 weekends, spend the nights on the boat, at Marina Santelena, in the hearth of Venice, 15 minutes from Piazza San Marco. Boarding: f...

Availability request

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