Cabins in Boat & Breakfast in Venice

B&B = ‘Boat & Breakfast’ (an alternative to the ‘Bed & Breakfast’)

Have you ever stayed on a sealing boat? An alternative way to discover what Venice has to offer, sleeping in the quiet and secluded port in the hearth of the City.

You will re-live the emotions of the ancient sailors, returning from their long trips in the Far East, and you will admire the city from the water.

We strongly encourage you to fill a soft luggage bag with few essentials and a huge spirit of adventure, and of course a comfy pair of trainers to walk about the splendour of Venice.

We can take you sailing around the renown Laguna di Venezia o teach you how to sail in the open Adriatic Sea.

You can find more information on Laguna Tour and Sailing School.

Check in from 18.00 - 21.00

Check out from 8.00 - 10.00

(we kindly ask our guests to confirm their arrival time via whatsup, mail or phone)

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